The Most Affordable Golf Simulator Review

The SLX Micro Sim 

When it comes to golf, there are too main downsides always brought up.

1. It is expensive

2. It is seasonal

Past vs Present

Before the era of high-tech golf simulators golfers relied on ingenuity and simpler methods. Back in the day, nets were the most common way to practice without a course, and you can still do that today. These nets, typically priced between $50 and $200 depending on size and quality, offer a way to practice hitting without needing a full course.

For putting practice, golfers often got creative, crafting makeshift greens using carpets or other materials. While these methods may seem rudimentary compared to today's sophisticated simulators that can cost upwards of $20,000, or just a cup and a carpet.

SLX Golf Sim

Swinglogic is an American Veteran owned company aimed at addressing both of these issues with their small and affordable products aimed at all levels of golfers.

We reviewed both the SLX Micro Sim and the SLX mini and here are our results:

The SLX Micro Sim we used came in a bundle with a non-telescoping club, and attachments for your regular clubs.

You can thus use the micro simulator at home or on the course to track your data (However you might not want to)

It charges via micro USB A and last a couple of days of regular use.

It connects to your device via Bluetooth and comes with a yearly subscription to E6.


  • At $200, this is by far one of the most affordable options.
  • The build quality is excellent.
  • Long battery, portability & easy to use.
  • Good for swing training.
  • Safe for use anywhere.
  • Lots of data is given back to you.
  • Gives feedback for impact.
  • Overall great value and great fun, but is not a training tool that will decrease your score consistently.
  • Best product form for small apartments.


  • While this does support IOS and Windows, we found android support to be less reliable and some devices did not work at all.
  • The tracker does not track all possible variables, which could be fixed with a software update.


  • Lack of accuracy is first that comes to mind, due to it's size and function it does not track contact with the ball or club path.
  • It is strange to us that it does not track the club path when the competition does and provides a 3d model of your swing as well. This does not.
  • While E6 is the most popular simulator app, it is not great and we found the short game and putting to be very unreliable.
  • Since the device has no input on contact, it will not fix your slice or any other position or path related issues. It does track your face, but does not get your club path meaning that even crazy one handed swings go straight.


Price: 9/10


Training help factor: 3/10


Ease of use:8/10

We give the SLX micro sim a 6/10, this product can be great. If a mat is included that tracks a divot, and if the software get better to track the club path I would consider it a fully fetched accurate simulator. 

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